August 25, 2016

We absolutely love our Signature Meteorite Inlay Tungsten Rings Collection.

Meteorite Inlay Rings look brilliant, with gorgeous luxurious shine as bright as stars. These rings come in Rose Gold, Gold, and White Gold. They have a luxurious look for a very affordable price. Rings Paradise offers different designs, and some of them have the combination of Antler and Meteorite Inlay in it. 

Meteorite is a falling star that we see in the sky. It originates in outer space between the planets of Mars and Jupiter. Scientists bel...

August 15, 2016

Let your friend know how important your friendship is by making one-of-a-kind gift for the special day!

It is a birthday, anniversary, or a significant date for your best friend! You want to surprise him or her with the best gift that he or she will remember forever, it will touch heart, and put a big smile on face everytime he or she is thinking about you.

You want your gift to be special with an emotional touch, in contrast to a cliche gifts, because you want your best friend to know that you love and care about him or her and y...

August 6, 2016

Top designers of The New York Fashion Week disclosed the most trendy colors of the year 2016. Rose Quarts, Snorkel blue, Peach Echo, Serenity, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, Green Flash were announced the top colors of the season.

Snorkel blue became one of the most popular colors of the season according to Instyle magazine, and fashion experts. Multiple shades of blue were mixed together to find this precious bright color of the season. Snorkel blue is combination of Indigo and Cobalt. It pulled right from nature (sky, sea,...

July 11, 2016

Use this easy steps to find out if your diamond is real or not

Have you ever wondered whether the diamond on your jewelry piece is real or fake? Of course you can take your jewelry piece to a local jeweler who will immediately find it out, asking them to use a heat prob test, combination diamond/moissanite testing, or a microscopic examination. You also can determine it yourself by following these easy steps to make sure that your diamond is real.

Read the Signs

first approach would be checking the settling and mount. Usually diamond would not be...

July 6, 2016

Rings Paradise visited JCK show 26th edition in Las Vegas

JCK Las Vegas is one of the most important and leading fashion trade shows, known as the Premier jewelry event. Participants of JCK Las Vegas show come throughout the world, and have been preparing for it a year to represent the best and the most creative jewelry collections, and artworks.

This year the show welcomed over 2,400 manufactures, and exhibiting brands. Overall 22,300 buyers, and 9,000 storefronts attended the show. JCK Las Vegas represented a series of fashion presentations and...

July 1, 2015

Stay trendy with New Necklaces collection this summer!

Stay trendy this summer with the newest collection of designer precious necklaces from Sterling Silver, accessorized with colorful natural gemstones of light green, pink quartz, white pearls, and purple amethyst.

Each stone has its deep meaning. Pink quartz stone has legendary powers to energize and encourage the emotional clarity, purity of heart, and to keep its holder in hers spiritual sides by granting enlightenment, serenity and peace.

Purple Amethyst is esteemed for its stunning beauty,...

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September 22, 2016

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