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Rings Paradise Unique Natural Deer Antler rings collection is specifically designed as a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring. Antler rings are also a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, anyone who admires this precious jewelry, and that one special Hunter in your life.

Why one-of-a-kind Antler Rings are so popular? Antler rings are dream come true for hunting couples. Hunting is a sport and passion, which is why Antler ring makes a perfect surprise, since Antler is a trophy for many hunters. It is a one-of-a-kind ring that tells about yourself, your passions, and great taste in jewelry before you start talking.

Why Rings Paradise Deer Antler Rings are so special?

Rings Paradise Antler rings are high quality, made from natural Deer Antler, and strong, durable tungsten. Our Signature Antler rings come in various designs, colors, and look absolutely brilliant.

What Antler Rings are made of?

Antler ring is made only from Organic materials, including natural Deer Antler and strong durable tungsten metal. Each Antler ring looks different. Its shade, color and patterns vary from ring to ring, and there are no two similar ones.


How to take care of Antler Rings?

Antler rings are very strong, and naturally waterproof. However, it is not recommended using it in the activities that can damage the ring, such as lifting heavy objects. Although these rings are waterproof, it is still recommended taking it off when there is a contact with water. Avoid exposure to antibacterial soaps, cleaners, sprays, perfumes or harsh substances such as alcohol isopropyl, hair products, sunscreen as it may lead to staining or damage to the surface of the ring.


What to do if Antler ring had a contact with chemicals?

If your ring had a contact with above-mentioned substances, simply rinse it with a cold water, dry off before applying a little oil, and clean it very gently with a damp cloth. That is a way it will last you much longer. What are the Con's of Antler rings? The Antler rings are not adjustable, and cannot be resized, that is why it is so important to choose your correct sizing, which you can easily get at any local jewelry store.


Are Antler rings Eco friendly?


The rings are Eco friendly, they made from Deer Antler natural shed, thus there is no animal cruelty involved, since we ensure a safe haven for animals.


Specification Carbide Wedding Bands
*THICKNESS 2.0 MM - 2.3 MM


Shipping & Complimentary


*Gift Box

*Laser Engraving 

*Fast US Shipping (3-5 day)


We ACCEPT custom orders!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer an engraving service?

You can choose any meaningful phrase, a significant date, initials, love quote, or foreign language phrases to be engraved inside or outside the ring. You can choose as many characters as you want. It is suggested to choose up to 35 characters, since the longer the text smaller the letters, and it is hard to read.

Do you accept custom requests?

You can send  any image, logo, fingerprints, heart rate to be engraved outside the ring, and we will start working on your order. Once it is ready we will send you an image of the work to you for your approval before making an engraving, and shipping it to you. The price of custom orders depends on the difficulty of the work.


Can I return a personalized ring?

All handmade, personalized, and custom-made products are not returnable, since they were made especially for a customer, and it will be impossible to change it without the damage to the design of the ring or resell it in the future, even if it is in perfect condition. Therefore, the custom-made items cannot be returned for refunds. If you have ordered a wrong size and would like to make an exchange contact the store. An additional restocking fee may apply.


How do I order my correct ring size?

Alternative wedding bands are not resizable, thus it is important to get your correct ring size before you place an order. It is recommended to get sized at two local reputable jewelry stores. 

What is the comfort fit size?

Tungsten wedding bands are comfort fit. They normally run a half size bigger from your normal ring size. It is recommended to get a ring half size smaller than standard ring size. For instance, if your standard ring size is 13, your comfort fit ring will be 12.5. Not all comfort fit rings run half size smaller. It depends on the width of the ring, for instance, if the ring is in 6 mm and 8 mm width, it is recommended to choose a half size smaller from your standard ring size. If the ring is in 10 mm and 12 mm width then it is recommended to choose the standard ring size. It is suggested to get sized to comfort fit ring size before placing an order.

Do you have a merchant warranty?

All bands come with a merchant warranty that applies to defects and imperfections in the design of the ring. Such defects should be noticed upon receive of the package, communicated to the seller within 2 - 3 days, and return the package along with the tracking information within a week. Merchant warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as minor scratches. 


Customs & Import Duties


All international orders, outside the US, can incur charges such as customs, duties, VAT upon their arrival in the destination. These fees are paid to the government or local carrier, and they are not collected by the seller.


Every country has its local taxes & import duties, and its amount varies. It is not included in the price of the product and excluded from the refund. The payment of customs and import duties are the sole responsibility of the buyer. It is suggested to contact the country’s customs office to inquire regarding of the amount of fees.


International Delays


Once the item is shipped, you will get the tracking information to track the location of the package. When the package leaves the US, it is outside its jurisdiction. Thus, the USPS cannot track the location of the package. At that point, the local postal office in your city is one in the possession of the information regarding your package. It depends on the custom of your country for how long they will keep the package for the clearance.


If this happens to you, contact your local postal office to get the information regarding your package. In the force major circumstances the loss of the package, or if you have not appeared on time to receive it, and your local postal office sent it back, please contact the store for an immediate assistance and further accommodations.

If you have an idea of ​​your ideal ring, let us know, and we will work on it together. We really appreciate your feedback.

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