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Tungsten Rings are making an Innovation in Fashion Jewerly! Discover PRO'S and CON'S of Tung

Tungsten Wedding Bands are perfect choice for couples who choose to be less traditional. Tungsten is new stylish and trendy in fashion jewelry.


Tungsten became so popular due to the metal durability, strength and reasonable price. In comparison, tungsten is 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times as hard as titanium. Tungsten Wedding band is your perfect choice because it is beautiful, strong, comfort fit, and hypoallergenic. It is resistant to corrosion, and tarnish, and does not require rhodium plating. Tungsten rings are great to create different modern authentic designs, to set precious stones, and to customize it with the laser engraving.


Cons of tungsten rings are that it is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. It can get damaged if it hit with a heavy object.

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