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'Shut up and Marry Me' 71 Personalized Wedding Rings Ideas For You

All Rings Paradise alternative wedding bands come with the Complimentary custom laser engraving of any meaningful phrase, love quote, symbols, initials, foreign language phrases, or significant dates of your choice. In this post, I gathered some fun personalization ideas.

1. Always and Forever

2. To the Moon and Back

3. Shut Up and Marry Me

4. For Time and All Eternity

5. You are My Favorite

6. Amor Vincit Omnia Love Conquers All

7. The Lamb to My Lion

8. Today, Tomorrow, Forever

9. Then, Now, Always

10. I Love You Always

11. I Love You More

12. Let Nothing Separate

13. With My Whole Heart For Whole Life

14. This is An adventure

15. You Are My Person

16. My Penguin

17. I Love You

18. No Love Like This

19. When Our Lights Meet

20. It's Dangerous To Go Alone. Take This

21. My Best Friend

22. You Stuck With Me Forever

23. My First Love and My Last

24. We Are One

25. Love You, Baby!

26. Forever My Pirate!

27. Here's To Another Ten and Forever

28. Bunny Loves You Always

29. To Have and To Hold

30. I Love All Your Pieces

31. Our Dreams Are Built In Us

32. Give Thanks For Ever Expanding Love

33. I Love Your Love The Most

34. Beginning of Forever

35. I Love You Until The Last Star Falls

36. Mr. and Mrs.

37. Eternally Bound

38. To Be Continued...

39. Face It Tiger, You Hit The Jackpot!

40. Faith Hope Love

41. Serenity Courage Wisdom

42. With You I Have Everything, I Love You!

43. Until The Last Petal Falls

44. You are My Best Catch

45. To The Millionth Galaxy

46. Love Infinitely

47. Mi Amor Eterno

48. You Have Always Been The One

49. You Hold My Heart

50. You Are My Unimaginable. I Love You More Than Anything

51. My Queen

52. My King

53. My Missing Piece

54. Your Song Carries The Melody To My Heartbeat

55. To The Next Galaxy And Back

56. My Sunset

57. And There Is A Storm You Are Starting

58. Forever And A Day

59. We Were Always Made For Each Other

60. Two Souls Become One

61. Te Adoro Para Siempre

62. I Belong To You

63. You Belong To Me

64. Our Love Is My Greatest Adventure

65. I Am Hooked On You

66. All Of Me

67. Stronger Together

68. I'll Forever Stalk You From Trees

69. Written In Heaven

70. Irreversibly Yours

71. I Started With You and Me

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