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Tungsten Is Making A Revolution In The Jewelry Industry


The tungsten carbide is a high quality strong metal used in the creation of the spacecraft. Today, it is a new fashion trend, which is popular among the young professionals in the United States. The tungsten carbide personifies a love long as eternity.

The rings are made from the black enamel and they are comfort fit. Comfort fit design ring typically run a half size larger than normal fit rings. If you are purchasing one of our rings, we suggest you get sized and order half size smaller. The sizes vary from 5 to 15 1/2.

All rings are warranted against imperfection in design, workmanship, or materials. The tungsten rings are not resizable. If you are planning to have it engraved, please make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Tungsten rings are considered to be an innovative jewelry made from an alternative metal. In our online store customers can find the variety of rings from the Tungsten rings collection, including tungsten carbide rings for men and women, black tungsten rings, inlay tungsten rings, etc.

We do our best in jewelry industry by constantly adding new styles and providing customers with the highest quality products, design, and craftsmanship.

The name of our rings are coming from the God Thor, who was associated with strength, thunder, and lightning. Similarly, rings are made from the strongest materials, which are used in the jewelry industry, such as ceramic, tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome. Tungsten was discovered in the Swedish province Dalecarlia.

The first person who mentioned the mineral was Axel Frederik Cronstedt. A name of “tungsten” came from the two Swedish words “tung”, which means heavy and “sten”, which means stone. As hard and rare metal, tungsten is found naturally on Earth only in chemical compounds. In 1783, it was first isolated as a metal and its important ores include scheelite and wolframite.

Customers of our store can choose unique styles of rings as contemporary, traditional, wide, or flat from such materials as tungsten, titanium, ceramic, silver and gold. Alternative metal rings are comfort fit. It is important to know that comfort fit rings tend to fit looser than standard fit rings of the same size. Thus, we recommend you to choose a size that is about a half size smaller than your standard fit ring.

All jewelry is made from the quality materials. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our merchant warranty. Due to the hardness of alternative metals, tungsten rings cannot be resized like traditional gold or platinum rings. Therefore, if your finger size changes, you will need a brand new ring in a different size. Please note that the warranty does not cover normal wear, such as scratches.

Tungsten jewelry is making a revolution in the jewelry industry by introducing to the world market unique types of designs, tungsten carbide jewelry such as Tungsten Wedding bands, Engagement Rings. Tungsten Carbide Rings are perfect for Wedding Bands, Tungsten Engagement Rings, or luxury style Tungsten Jewelry.

The modern and stylish Tungsten jewelry with the Inside Engraving makes it special and unique for every couple. The Tungsten Carbide Band personifies a love long as eternity. The Tungsten Carbide Band is ring designed for the special occasions, such as Wedding or Anniversary.

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