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How To Design Rings with Custom Engraving?

Create personalized handmade rings with the custom laser engraving following these tips!

Handmade jewelry becoming more and more popular. Etsy has so many different ideas and styles of handmade jewelry products, that became one of the latest Hottest Trends in jewelry making business. It is authentic, different and unique. Wearing a handmade jewelry makes you feel special. Giving it to a significant other as a gift becomes a memorable moment that turns into memory. We want to give you some tips and show the process of making handmade jewelry customized by laser engraving on the sample of Duck Footprints.

Step 1: Get Inspired and Think about Your Creative Ideas

Having inspiration in creating of design for the rings is so important in making a jewelry. Start thinking about your dreams, what makes you happy, stories from favorite books that you can relate to yourself, special words and phrases that only you and your significant other can understand, quotes that describe the adventurous part of you, such as You only live once, etc. Think about the places you visited, beautiful nature, and sightseeings. How does that make you feel about yourself and life? What are your goals, and motivation? What keeps you going everyday? Is there a specific image of nature, animals, or signs that reminds you about special moments in your life, and have a great significance for you? All of this can inspire you to create authentic designs for your ring, or matching set for you and special ones. Getting inspired, and motivated is the most significant part to get started and create stunning jewelry pieces.

Step 2: Get Started: Write Down Your Ideas, Put on the Paper the Image or Design of the Ring, Take Photos

Once you have ideas about your jewelry style, you should write them down, and start drawing the design. You can choose different fonts for meaningful phrases, significant dates, or initials of someone special that you are going to engrave inside or outside of the ring, such as Always & Forever, I Love You To The Moon and Back, You Catched My Heart, etc.

You can use your fantasy without limits, If you want to create engraving of the images. Start drawing, taking pictures, use your best photography skills. Once you have the drawing of your picture, or photography. You can move to next step.

Step 3: Learn How to Use Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator Programs to Design the Rings

Now is time to start working with Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator to put your image online, and start making the design. Once the Design is ready, it is time to convert it to vector file in order to be able to make an engraving.

Step 4: Use the Engraving Machine to Put the Design on the Ring

This part might get tricky. It takes time and experience to learn how to give the right parameters to the program and to make an engraving. You should put the ring inside the machine, give the right parameters, and wait once your ring will be ready.

Step 5: Final Results

Congratulations! Your Ring is ready. You can wear it, or give it as a gift.

If you have ideas of your own design, and want to get personalized ring, you can place an order of the ring with the note what do you want to be engraved, can contact us directly through the email in the contact section of the website, or visit our shop on Etsy.

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