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How to take care of Inlay Jewelry?

The greatest determining factor to the ring's lifespan is the care it receives on a regular basis. There are special maintenance tips to make your Inlay Jewelry last longer, and bring you many years of great satisfaction. Rings Paradise bands are made of wood, carbon fiber gemstone, antler, and meteorite inlays. Each type of Inlay needs a special treatment. Removal of the ring at the right time in particular circumstances will avoid any unwanted scratches and breakage. It is pertained to all types of rings including ones made from durable, and scratch resistant materials. Thus, it is always recommended to remove your ring when you are involved in sport activities, going to a swimming pool, lifting heavy objects, making repairs, or yard work, because even high quality strong jewelry pieces can get damaged from involvement in such activities. In this article you can learn about the maintenance tips for each type of Inlay rings, to make your favorite jewelry piece to stand the test of time.

Wood Inlay

A lovely selection of rings with natural wood inlay became a fashion trend which perfectly match fall and winter clothing, adding to it a special charm and cozy feeling. If you’re pairing wood inlay rings with a fall or winter outfit it is best to stick with colors like green, brown, yellow. Wood Inlay ring is easy to maintain. Wipe down the surface of your ring daily to avoid dust. Wood Inlay ring can get damaged to long exposure to water and chemicals. To make sure that your Wood Inlay ring always looks its best avoid moisture, by removing it when swimming, showering, or cleaning.

Carbon fiber Inlay

Carbon fiber is a very strong material made from the combination of several thin fibers that are bounded together. This material became popular in designing exclusive jewelry pieces. Carbon Inlay Rings come in variety of unique designs with polished finish, and damage resistance.

Every carbon fiber material has a certain pattern that gives your jewelry a unique look. Usually the carbon fibers are designed to look geometric with rigid patterns. The patterns of these materials can be mixed with certain colors to give them a new look.

Elegant Carbon Fiber Inlay rings are perfect gift for men for special occasions such as birthday, graduation day, anniversaries etc. Light weight Carbon fiber display high style and strength. It has a glossy and deep epoxy finish that protects the material leaving a brilliant shine on its surface. The maintenance of Carbon fiber is easy. Clean it with water using non-abrasive soaps.

Gemstone Inlay

Gemstone Inlay rings offer a stunning and unique look. The cutting and fitting of gemstones for inlay is done by craftsman's experience and skill. To maintain it in a good condition be aware when you should remove it to avoid any damage. Remove Gemstone Inlay ring when engaging in heavy activities, sports or yard work. Avoid exposure to water, since it may weaken delicate inlay work. Remove it at the time when you are swimming, showering, or cleaning. Soaps, detergents, chlorine, cleaning solutions and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can damage inlay stones and weaken settings. Slippery cleaning agents can make it easier for rings to slip off and go down the drain. Soaps can dull the sparkle of gemstones.

Antler Inlay

Antler rings are very strong, and naturally waterproof. However, it is not recommended to use it in the activities that can damage the ring, such as lifting heavy objects. Although these rings are waterproof, it is still recommended to take it off when there is a contact with water. Avoid exposure to antibacterial soaps, cleaners, sprays, perfumes or harsh substances such as alcohol isopropyl, hair products, sunscreen as it may lead to staining or damage to the surface of the ring. If your ring had a contact with above mentioned substanses, simply rinse it with a cold water, dry off before applying a little oil, and clean it very gently with a damp cloth. That is a way it will last you much longer.

Meteorite Inlay

Meteorite Inlay rings are strong, thus they should not break. However, it may get scratched like any other material. If you would like your meteorite jewelry to last you long, you should take a good care of it, avoiding dropping it, and heating by heavy objects. It is not recommend wearing your jewelry while engaging in heavy activities including, but not limited to construction, yard work, repairs, etc.

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