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Get a Trophy Ring for Your Special Hunter. Natural Deer Antler Rings are available on Rings Paradise

Rings Paradise Unique Natural Deer Antler rings collection is specifically designed as a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring. Antler rings are also a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, anyone who admires this precious jewelry, and that one special Hunter in your life.

Why one-of-a-kind Antler Rings are so popular?

Antler rings are dream come true for Hunting couples. Hunting is a sport and passion, which is why Antler ring makes a perfect surprise, since Antler is a trophy for many hunters. It is one-of-a-kind ring that tells about yourself, your passions, and great taste in jewelry before you start talking.

Why Rings Paradise Deer Antler Rings are so special?

Rings Paradise Antler rings are high quality, made from natural Deer Antler, and strong, durable tungsten. Our Signature Antler rings come in various designs, colors, and look absolutely brilliant.

What Antler Rings are made of?

Antler ring is made only from Organic materials, including natural Deer Antler and strong durable tungsten metal. Each Antler ring looks different. Its shade, color and patterns vary from ring to ring, and there are no two similar ones.

How to take care of Antler Rings?

Antler rings are very strong, and naturally waterproof. However, it is not recommended to use it in the activities that can damage the ring, such as lifting heavy objects. Although these rings are waterproof, it is still recommended to take it off when there is a contact with water. Avoid exposure to antibacterial soaps, cleaners, sprays, perfumes or harsh substances such as alcohol isopropyl, hair products, sunscreen as it may lead to staining or damage to the surface of the ring.

What to do if Antler ring had a contact with chemicals?

If your ring had a contact with above mentioned substanses, simply rinse it with a cold water, dry off before applying a little oil, and clean it very gently with a damp cloth. That is a way it will last you much longer.

What are the Con's of Antler rings?

The Antler rings are not adjustable, and cannot be resized, that is why it is so important to choose your correct sizing, which you can easily get at any local jewelry store.

Are Antler rings Eco friendly?

The rings are Eco friendly, they made from Deer Antler natural shed, thus there is no animal cruelty involved, since we ensure a safe haven for animals.

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