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What is The Best Wedding Band For A Man?

Depending on a taste of your man there are different styles to choose from: classic, carved, gemstone, modern. Our top pick is tungsten wedding band for its known qualities of strength and durability. Tungsten rings can be custom made and personalized with laser engraving. It also can be customized with gem stones of your choice and comes in different shapes as flat, dome shape or with beveled edges. It is the most masculine choice of wedding bands for your man.


This is the traditional wedding band that has a sleek classic look. The band is plain, flat or dome shaped, with no gemstones. It may be yellow or silver color and made of tungsten, gold or silver. This style will match most men.


It is a modern design opposed to classic style. Instead of a smoother curved shape, this design have beveled edges. Many men will find it more masculine than the classic curved shape.


Prefer something more sparkly and catchy? Wedding bands with Gemstones are a popular choice.

Gemstone rings can have a single stone or as many as you'd like.


Tungsten wedding bands have become popular due to the metals durability and strength. Rings made with this metal will not scratch or bend making them ideal for any man. Tungsten is around 10 times harder than 18k gold and 4 times as hard as titanium.

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