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Rings Paradise Celtic Rings Are Inspired By The Most Spiritual and Mysterious Artwork in History

♥ Romance Wisdom Connection ♥

Celtic tree of life is another common Celtic motif associated with the romance, feelings, connection, wisdom, and dreams. It illustrates the interconnectedness of all forms of creation. It is also an important symbol of Christianity.

The Tree of Life is a Christian symbol representing eternal life through Christ. In the biblical story of creation, God planted the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, from which humans were banned after the Fall. The Book of Revelation recounts how the sacrifice of Christ, made on the wood of a tree, restored access to the Tree of Life.

♥ Bring Energy in Life ♥

Celtic Dragon design brings energy in life to its holder. Knots and spirals are never ending lines, which signifies ancient Celts belief in eternal life, and its harmony with the nature, and divine. Trinity knot design is very popular design appears in Celtic rings. It is the unity of mind, soul, and heart. Sometimes, the Trinity Knot is also circumscribed by a circle symbolizing eternity. This symbol often was used as an architectural adornment in ancient monasteries.

Tuim knot design represents the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water. The Trinity Knot is one of the many varieties of Celtic knotwork – stylized and woven lines and knots used extensively for artistic decoration. These lines and knots symbolized the interconnectedness of all life and is often found with depictions of animals, plants, or humans. Taken from its pagan earth-centric meaning, they served a new purpose in the illustration of the eternal, Christian God as the author of all creation.

♥ Spiritual and Mysterious Artwork ♥

Celtic design is the most spiritual and mysterious artwork in Celtic history. It is the magnificent Celtic Art of Pagan and early Christian times used for decoration, such as the Book of Kells. Celtic knots are associated with the Ireland’s cultural history in Victorian times.

The mystery of knots come from the endless nature of our spirit and signifies an uninterrupted life cycle. As the knots are endless, we cannot see its beginning and ending. The infinite cycles in Celtic design signify the continuum of life in both ethereal and physical realms, permanence of love and faith.

♥ Eternity Love Friendship ♥

Choose your personal Celtic knots signifying eternity, love, friendship, heart knots, or Celtic Crosses in our precious collection of Celtic Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings on Rings Paradise for your lifetime event. Find more unique and custom made Celtic designs on Rings Paradise:

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