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The Hottest Jewelry Trend of Summer 2016: Custom made Surf Ring

New Collection inspired by the ocean, love, and freedom

Rings Paradise designed new collection of rings inspired by the beautiful nature of Sunny California, ocean, surfers catching the waves. It is a new trend of this summer 2016, great gift for surfers, adventurers, lovers of freedom, and people who enjoy all beauty of life. The image of surfers, surfer girl, palms, and birds are engraved on the dark bright blue tungsten ring. Its color of sky and the ocean means depth and stability. It symbolizes wisdom, power, intelligence, faith, loyalty, confidence, and heaven. Blue color is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

Surfers have something the rest of the world does not, loose beachy hair, and big smiles. They seem so much happier. Surfers do what they love, enjoying every moment of life. They can easily face fears of sharks or big waves. Surfing is a struggle with unpredictible force of nature. It is a unique lifestyle known only for those who enjoy their wisdom, freedom, and those who hustle.

Life by the beach in Marina Del Rey with its great community and beach lifestyle inspired our designers to create this unique jewelry pieces. The collection comes in different styles, and engravings of motivational quotes, which is a great reminder that we live only once, to be adventurous, travel as much as possible, see life as a great blessing, and to give it as much love as it is possible.

Custom Orders for Surfer Ring

This is a great idea for emotional gift to someone who loves surfing. Our designers take a custom orders, and can engrave your own image on the ring, with the inspirational engraving quote inside of it. You can participate in the design of the ring to add waves, and beautiful scenery to your picture.

©Rings Paradise

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