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How to tell if your diamond is real?

Use this easy steps to find out if your diamond is real or not

Have you ever wondered whether the diamond on your jewelry piece is real or fake? Of course you can take your jewelry piece to a local jeweler who will immediately find it out, asking them to use a heat prob test, combination diamond/moissanite testing, or a microscopic examination. You also can determine it yourself by following these easy steps to make sure that your diamond is real.

Read the Signs

first approach would be checking the settling and mount. Usually diamond would not be set in a cheap metal. If your jewelry made from gold, or platinum, and has the following signs 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, 900, 950, PT, then it might mean that the stone is also real. If you see a sign of CZ, then it is a Cubic Zirconia on the jewelry, but not a real diamond.

Use the Jeweler's loupe

Use a jeweler's loupe to inspect the diamond. You can usually borrow one from the jewelry store. Diamonds have small imperfections, which are called inclusions. It is visible with a loupe. Pay attention to color changes, or small flecks of minerals. These are signs that you are dealing with a real diamond. In contrast, Cubic zirconium usually doesn't have any imperfections. If it looks too perfect, then it is probably not a diamond. Make sure that some diamonds still may have no imperfections if they were grown not naturally, but in the labs. Diamonds grown in labs are real diamonds, and they may have no inclusions. Thus, follow the other approaches below as well.​

Fog Test

Third way to find out if the diamond is real called a fog test. You should just fog the stone. Fog will not stay on the real diamond. If the fog stays couple seconds, then the stone is fake. For this test, try to use two different stones, for instance a diamond, and Cubic Zirconia, a kind of synthetic diamond. It would be more visible when fog stays on Cubic Zirconia stone, but it does not appear on a diamond.

Water Test

Drop the stone in a glass of water. If stone sinks to the bottom it is a real diamond. A fake stone will float at the top of the glass.

Heat it up

Heat up the diamond for 30 seconds and drop it inside the water. If stone had shattered then it is not a diamond, because it is strong enough comparing to a weaker stones.

Refractivity of the stone

Diamonds refract the light that passing through them resulting in brilliant appearance and sparkle significantly more comparing to CZ stone, or a glass, which sparkle less. Real diamonds reflections are in various shades of grey, while a fake stone have a rainbow reflections. Some low quality diamonds may also have a rainbow reflections.

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