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Who does not love pandas, the most adorable animals that attract good luck and positivity into our lives with cherishing and cultivating gentleness and loving care?

Along with love, peace and harmony pandas symbolize the heart-centered energy. The black and white markings of pandas give it an association with a harmony of yin and yang energy. Their calm demeanor strengthened this symbolism along with the meaning of “peace”. Their wisdom teaches us to move through life calmly with determination. Pandas attract peace, good fortune and became a symbol of harmonious resolution of conflicts. In the Eastern culture it is a great honor to meet panda bears, which makes a great sense, because when panda appears life becomes brighter.

Panda Bears in Chinese Culture

China is home to many Pandas, the most recognized animals that have a special place in their culture and history. Known as a symbol of friendship, harmony and peace, pandas have attracted many people around the world by their playful nature and cute looks. Historically. should a fighter raise an image of a panda, it was a sign of truce. Panda plays an integral role in Chinese history, and they were often given as gifts to royalty.

Nowadays, there are two types of pandas. The black and white coat variety, and the black and red coat variety. Due to expanding use of the lands, these cute animals have become an endangered species. Today only 1000 pandas are left in the world. It is illegal in China to hunt pandas.

Pandas by its nature have a very soft and gentle personality. While they look soft and cuddly, they have strong personal boundaries and is very harmonic with its surroundings. In recent years, the panda has replaced the dragon as an emblem of China.

Inspired by cute looks of panda bears, Rings Paradise created a special collection of Adorable Panda Rings.

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