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Are Tungsten Rings Hypoallergenic?

Is Tungsten Good Alternative To Gold or Silver? Tungsten rings are good alternative for couples who are allergic to rings made from fine metals such as gold or silver. Rings made from tungsten often advertised as hypoallergenic except to those that contain cobalt or other metals in it. Some people may be allergic to cobalt if the combination of cobalt and tungsten were used in your ring.

Sensitivity To Other Metals

Since tungsten allergy is uncommon it is more likely that an allergic reaction is from another metal alloyed with tungsten. Tungsten rings consist nickel. It does not normally irritate the skin. However, cobalt alloy may cause allergies. If person is allergic to metals, it is better to inquire about the materials used in the ring.

Ask Shop About The Materials

Although instances are rare, tungsten rings still can cause allergies or sensitivities. Every individual is different. There is a possibility that a person may get allergic to ring made from tungsten metal.

The Jewelry Shop Can't Assure You

The reputable jewelry shop will give the quality assurance, but won't guess about person's metal sensitivity. There is no way to get assurances by someone who is not a medical professional that the person will not get a reaction to specific metal. However, it is always helpful to inquire what materials were used and make a decision based on your metal sensitivities.

Take Allergy Test

If person is very allergic to metals and does not know if can choose tungsten ring instead of its alternatives, it is recommended to take allergy test to check the immune cell responses to different metals to find out which specific metals cause the sensitive responses and allergies.

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