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How to take care of Inlay Jewelry?

September 22, 2016

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5 Hot Sea Themed Jewelry Must - Haves on Etsy

October 22, 2016

We are sharing the most authentic handmade jewelry items we found on Etsy, and they are absolutely gorgeous. You can use them as an inspiration, great wedding ideas,  or to create your unique look that will turn heads.


1. Mermaid Crowns made by Wild & Free Jewelry on Etsy 


This image is taken from Etsy blog Mermaid Crowns: The Hottest Trend You’ve Never Heard Of By Molly Simms


Mermaid Crowns made by Wild & Free Jewelry on Etsy will make you look like one of those Disney Mermaid princesses. Magical aquamarine, sea-themed shell covered headpieces are handmade, and are available in different styles and designs. Create a fairytale look wearing it on festivals, and bachelorette parties. Mermaid Crowns will be a great touch to your perfect wedding planned by the sea. 



2. Personalized Birthstone Jewelry Designs by Danique Jewelry on Etsy


This image is taken from Danique Jewelry shop on Etsy



A birthstone is a gemstone that represents your month of birth. For instance, if you were born in September your birthstone is a saphhire, or if you were lucky to born in April your birthstone is a diamond.  Birthstone can be worn as jewelry necklace, bracelete, or earrings. It carries a simple elegance, and known for its special significance, legendary healing powers and good luck.  


3. Delicate Fine Jewelry by MelanieCasseyJewelry on Etsy


This image is taken from MelanieCasseyJewelry shop on Etsy


We really admire creative designer work of Melanie Cassey, and his precious ring made from Australian Opal, White Diamond & Pearls  is definitely one of our favorite items on Etsy.


4. Romantic and Timeless Hook Bangle Bracelet by SDMarieJewelry


This image is taken from SDMarieJewelry on Etsy


The Hook Bangle Bracelet is one of our favorite handmade bracelets on Etsy. Its beauty found in its elegant simplicity. It looks romantic, yet casual, that is why it will look great with daily outfit, adding a beautiful touch to it. Wear it, give it to your friend, or a significant other for anniversary or special event.


5. Blue Opal Wedding Band by Rings Paradise on Etsy

This image is taken from Rings Paradise on Etsy


This precious ring is made from 14K Gold and Blue Opal Inlay.  It is personalized with custom laser engraving inside of the ring. Love quotes, significant dates, and initials can be added to make this precious piece of jewelry meaningful to a wearer and to turn into a memory. Blue Opal Stone will perfectly fit your sea themed jewelry collection.


©Rings Paradise,


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