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Custom Made Rings That You Can't DIY! New Pet Designed Ring

Rings Paradise accepts custom requests and creates unique one-of-a-kind bands no one else have. If you cannot find your perfect ring, and have your own ideas of the design of your Wedding Band or Engagement ring, you can send the images, logo, fingerprints, heartrates, coordinates, significant dates, meaningful phrases, or initials to be engraved outside or inside the ring. Rings Paradise creates its designs using high quality rings, and modern laser engraving technologies that will not allow slightest errors and will achieve flawless results. To create custom design takes time, and it is complicated process, that may seem easy at first. It takes creativity, artistic talent, love and passion put in the process of the work.

Designer creates and draws the image before starting the engraving process. This pug designed custom ring is one of the recent works. We create pet custom rings of your dog, cat, bird, turtle, or any exotic animal. Pets bring a lot of affection and happiness into our life, thus we came up with this idea to create pet custom design. In addition to it your ring can be engraved with any meaningful phrase such as "Home is where my dog is", "Dog is not your whole world, but it makes your world whole." It is a great gift idea for someone who admires their pet and would wear this custom ring all the time as a reminder or memory of their best friend.

In this video we decided to show you how to design rings, as we think this creative process may be interesting to you. This video was created specially for Etsy shop updates, as Rings Paradise designs and carries a variety of custom made and personalized Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings.

We hope you enjoyed the process as much as we do, and as the heading to this article says you cannot DIY because it takes a long process to study and learn how to make custom jewelry, but if you have an idea of your perfect ring, Rings Paradise will be glad to create it for you.

© Rings Paradise

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