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10 Interesting Facts about the Wedding you did not know...

History of Weddings centuries ago

1. Historians believe that the first weddings occurred 4350 years ago. Before this, families could be composed of 30 people.

2. In Ancient times, ambassadors were given gold seal rings for official use when they traveled abroad. This privilege of wearing gold rings was extended to knights.

3. For several centuries women in Rome received two rings. It was the custom to wear iron rings at home and gold rings in public.

4. First time a diamond engagement ring appeared in Austria, when Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Ring was set with thin pieces of diamonds in the shape of her initial letter “M.”

5. Queen Victoria who wore a white wedding gown on her wedding day starts the tradition of white gown and white dress.

6. Couple set a world record for the deepest underwater wedding. The most difficult part of the ceremony was the exchange of rings, because one slip and the platinum rings would be lost forever in the waters of Thailand.

7. The most expensive pet wedding was in New York between a poodle Chilly Pasternak and Coton de Tulear. Its cost was $270,000.

8. The most expensive engagement ring is valued $ 8.8 million, a huge 33.19 carat diamond, from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor.

9. Mark Zuckerberg's announcement of his marriage to Priscilla Chan garnered 1,045,272 likes in Facebook.

10. According to statistics 7,000 marriages occur every day in the United States.

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