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10 Amazing Wedding traditions, you haven't heard about…

Wedding traditions around the world

1. In Sweden there is a tradition when the groom leaves the room; all the other men at the wedding are allowed to kiss the bride. The same happen to the groom and female guests if the bride leaves the room.

2. In Congo wedding considered as a very serious event, where the couple cannot smile during or after the ceremony. They are also not allowed to smile in any wedding day photos.

3. In Germany, guests should arrive the night before the wedding and break any porcelain object they can get their hands on. It brings good luck to the couple. After it has been broken, the couple should clean it up. It symbolizes that married life will not be easy, but if couple work together, they can overcome any challenge.

4. In Morocco, wedding includes four days of ceremonial rituals.

5. In India, brides apply henna to the hands and feet, which has been used from the ancient times. There was a belief that it increases the flow of blessings to the bride and groom. Henna typically applied as a sacred ritual before the wedding. Traditional henna tattoos include dedications to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Nowadays, brides often write the name of their beloved into the intricate artwork.

6. In Sudan, people of the Nuer tribe have a belief that the marriage is not complete until the woman has had two children. If she fails to do so, the groom can seek a divorce.

7. The fastest weddings are in Las Vegas. There are offers of hundreds of wedding chapels and companies which can arrange weddings, including theme weddings and underwater weddings. For those who do not want wait long for their big day they can also arrange a drive-through weddings.

8. In Indonesia, groom and bride are confined to their homes for three days following the wedding.

9. A bride kidnapping is a common practice in Romania. It is a ritual where a man abducts the woman he wants to marry. It is believed that if a man is able to kidnap a girl and remain with her for 2-3 days, she will officially become his wife.

10. In France, there is a wedding tradition called Charivari, which comes from the 19th century. On a couple’s wedding night family and friends group together outside the home and continue to make as much intolerable noise as possible. They could bang on pots, kettles, and sing out loud It is a French folk custom and practiced as a regular wedding activity.

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