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Elemental Jewelry

Create a flawless look with elemental jewelry, which features elements of nature: fire, wind, water, and earth in necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings!

These precious jewelry pieces will add a magic and mysterious touch to your outstanding look. Elemental jewelry can be made from different metals and gem stones.

Each symbol has its deep meaning, such as Earth Jewels in a form of green or brown leaves is a symbol of rebirth and growth associated with beautiful elves.

Fire Jewels in a form of dragon is a great amulet, and symbol of power and wisdom.

Wind in elemental jewelry can be found in the song of birds flying through wind and the bird can be hidden in the necklace.

Water Jewels are precious and accessorized with pearls, and have a meaning of infinity and unexplored depths of the sea world. The seahorse and fish are one of the popular sea creatures used in water elemental jewelry. Water Jewels can be accessorized with pearls, blue crystal, aquamarine and emeralds, which give to these outstanding jewelry pieces a special chic.

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