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JCK Show Las Vegas

Rings Paradise visited JCK show 26th edition in Las Vegas

JCK Las Vegas is one of the most important and leading fashion trade shows, known as the Premier jewelry event. Participants of JCK Las Vegas show come throughout the world, and have been preparing for it a year to represent the best and the most creative jewelry collections, and artworks.

This year the show welcomed over 2,400 manufactures, and exhibiting brands. Overall 22,300 buyers, and 9,000 storefronts attended the show. JCK Las Vegas represented a series of fashion presentations and powerful motivation speeches, and educational discussions regarding the jewelry trends, treatment, design, marketing, sales, and management during the show.

Among the most interesting presentations was the “10 things you can do today to Wow tomorrow” by author Frances Cole Jones regarding proven strategies for selling your “Brilliant Self” in any situation. This year creative jewelry professionals, designers, and the best domestic and international manufactures met in the heart of Las Vegas, at the Convention Center of Mandalay Bay to introduce the best trends in jewelry.

The invite only event took four days. There were sections of precious gemstones, tools to create and design jewelry, beautiful collections of rings in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold, fashion jewelry rings in tungsten, ceramic, or cobalt, as the hottest jewelry trend, accessorized with diamonds, and sapphires, luxury watches, antique jewelry, unique bracelets, jewelry pendants, chains, earrings, Swarovski crystals, and variety of accessories. One of the sections introduced only the Luxury jewelry and Swiss watches made from fine metals, and diamonds. Another section had a variety of gemstones: diamonds, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, moonstone, attracting and inspiring the designers around the world.

The manufacturers and designers represented their collections from all over the world: China, India, Japan, UK, Australia, USA, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, Korea, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands. The jewelers from different countries would also give a cultural touch to the event, by representing their products in their national costumes, which made the event even more bright and diverse.

The Indian pavilions represented natural stones, jewelry pendants in different colors, and shapes, made from precious stones, such as Labradorite diamonds Buddha pendants. The manufacturers from Thailand introduced the stunning jewelry pieces with colored stones, particularly rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, using innovative techniques for enhancing their quality and appearance. Each represented jewelry brand was unique, and had it’s authentic style.

©Rings Paradise

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