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How to take a care of your Tungsten Carbide Ring?

How to take a care of your Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Make your Tungsten Carbide Ring last longer by following these simple maintenance tips

Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest metals. That is why it is a great choice as a wedding band. It is strong, durable, scratch resistant but it is not scratch proof. Although with a good maintenance, and care Tungsten Carbide Rings may last much longer compare to fine metals, tungsten rings can get damaged over time from normal wear and tear, if dropped, or striked by a heavy object, or in contact with chemicals.

Avoid to drop or strike your Tungsten Carbide Ring

Always treat your jewelry with care. Avoid to drop or strike your ring. Do not wear it when you go to the gym, and excercise with dumbbells, or work with heavy objects such as a hammer.

Limit the contact with Chemicals

You should also limit the jewelry’s contact with chemicals. Although tungsten is relatively a strong metal, it reacts poorly to harsh cleaning products, such as bleach, chlorine, and ammonia. The contact with such chemicals may blemish the surface of the ring. Thus, avoid wearing it while you are going to the swimming pool, or use one of these products. If your tungsten ring came into contact with one of these chemicals, you should immediately rinse it in a warm water with soap. Then, rinse it with a tap water one more time, and put it on the towel to air dry.

Avoid the use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners

Do not use of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners, because they can cause microscopic fractures in your ring.

Store your ring in separate jewelry box

Store your tungsten jewelry separately by placing it inside its own jewelry box.

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