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What Should You Know When Buying Jewelry Online From Overseas?

There are some helpful Tips when you are buying jewelry online from Overseas

1. The Reliability of the Store

Always check the Testimonials & Reviews left from other customers. If customers are satisfied with the product, its quality, services provided, by giving the store high ratings, and leaving positive reviews, that means that the company cares about its reputation and values the trust put in them. They make a customer to feel important, always replying on time, being flexible, and making sure that the product exceeds the highest expectations.

2. Read The Policy

It is important to familiarize with the policies of the company, including the shipping options, return & exchange policies, life time warranties, customs or import duties to avoid future misunderstanding and to feel more confident about the purchase, and rights to return or exchange the product.

3. Shipping

Each company has its carrier companies that they are working with (UPS, FedEX, USPS, DHL), and different shipping options from First Class Mail International to more Expedited ones if you are limited with time framework and need to receive your package urgent.

Most US Companies ship through the USPS. There are three options. First Class Mail International takes from 7 to 10 business days to get the package delivered, and cost $25. It is the most common and cheap option. However, it does not provide with the tracking information. Thus, you can track your package only when it has been delivered to you.

Priority Mail International also takes from 7 to 10 days to get the package delivered, and cost $ 50. The only difference is that this option provides with the tracking information, and allows to track the package all the way to the destination.

Express Mail International takes from 1 to 3 business days to get the package delivered for $68. It also allows to track the package, by providing the tracking information.

4. Return & Exchange

When you are buying online from overseas, you want to have a security and guarantee that you can return or exchange the product for whatever reason. The company should accept it. However, it is important to review the company policies, because there might be some restrictions. For instance handmade, personalized, and custom made products were made especially for a customer, and cannot be returned, because it will be pricy or impossible for seller to change or sell it in the future. Thus, if you make a custom orders of jewelry products, make sure that you are ordering correct size. The only exception applies when there is a manufacturer defect, such as defect in design of the product, that have not occured from normal wear and tear. It was noticed immediately upon the receival, communicated the seller within 2-3 days, and send back within a week, along with a tracking information. The timing is taken from Rings Paradise policies. Note that each company may have different timing when they can accept returns or exchanges.

5. Lifetime Warranty

Some companies also offer Lifetime Warranty. Usually, it does not cover the damage occured from normal wear and tear; or if the product had any alterations, such customization, or personalization with laser engraving.

6. Customs & Import Duties

All international orders, outside of the US, can incur charges such as customs, duties, VAT upon their arrival to the destination. These fees are paid to government or local carrier. It is not collected by the companies. Due to the international nature of the businesses, they may only indicate the net prices, since every country has its local taxes & import duties, and its amount varies. Thus, the companies usually do not have a knowledge about the amount of tax payable to government or local carrier. They are not included in the price of the product, and excluded from the refund. The payment of customs and import duties are the sole responsibility of the buyer. It is suggested to contact country's customs office to inquire regarding the amount of fees.

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