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Trending Fashion Jewelry Designs of Fall -Winter 2016/2017

Rings Paradise created the list of the Hottest Fashion Jewelry designs of The Fall - Winter 2016/2017. Fall is exciting time that comes along with the colorful leaves, happy pumpkin season, Thanksgiving gatherings, and warm sweater weather before the New Year and Christmas holidays. It is the time to pick up your best outfit and match it with precious jewelry that will make you the center of the attention anywhere you go, wherever you are grabbing your pumpkin cinnamon latte at Starbucks, or attending exciting events of this fall. The right chosen jewelry piece will make your casual days at school or work brighter. Rings Paradise have chosen the best fashion rings designs to make you shine even if it is raining outside.

Black Antler Inlay Tungsten Ring will match perfectly with your warm sweater weather outfit. This authentic jewelry piece is made from natural materials. Each ring is one-of-a-kind and have unique patterns. You can add more style to your casual outfit by wearing this ring.

Blue Anchor Tungsten Ring will remind you of the summer vacations, sea, and the boat cruises you took with friends, and significant other. This ring is a perfect fit for travelers, adventure seekers, and it is one of our favorite designs, loved among many happy couples. Wear it with your dayly outfit to remind yourself of sunny days when it gets cold outside.

The Signature Meteorite Inlay Tungsten Rings with Red Sapphire stone setting is one of the top trends of this winter. It looks classy, elegant, and attracts a lot of attention to a wearer, because of its brilliant shine and unique design.

Wolf Footprints Engraved Blue Tungsten Ring with Red Sapphire Stone Setting is a great choice for strong, powerful, smart, independent, goal driven professionals, who follow their dreams, accept any challenges, and achieve the best results.

It is known that Native American Indians have the greatest symbolism for wolves. They are valued as loyal friends, proud hunters, and intelligent teachers as a spiritual pathfinder. Wolves symbolize intelligence and leadership in their culture. If Wolf is your spirit animal, this ring will be a great treasure for you.

White Customized Tungsten Band with laser engraved scenery of the mountains, lake, and Christmas Tree will match any winter outfit. It can be customized with a scenery of your favorite cabin inside of the forest, skiing resort, or home where you like to meet friends for holidays to get a glass of red wine, and spend a great time with special ones. This ring can be designed with scenery of wolves, or elks to complete the image of a nature on your ring.

Discover more hot designs of the Fall-Winter 2016/2017 on Etsy:

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