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Get Your New Year and Christmas Gifts from Rings Paradise

Christmas and New Year festive season brings happiness, joy, along with the new goals and resolutions. It is the best time of the year to start with family and friends gatherings, accessorizing the Christmas tree with ornaments, shopping for gifts for loved ones, and setting goals for a next year. Inspired by the season of happiness and love Rings Paradise is giving gifts, coupon codes, and great discounts to its loved customers introducing its custom landscape collection, and new arrivals that last for a limited time only.

Custom Landscape Engraved Ring

Custom Landscape engraved tungsten rings come with the precious engraving of mountains, Christmas trees, forests, lake, and your favorite animals as wolves, bears, or foxes. You can design your own unique ring by choosing the elements of the engraving, as you can combine the mountains, trees, and bears, or you can add several animals, such as two foxes, or the combinations of a wolf and a fox, depending on your unique taste, and meaning that you put behind the engraved picture.

You may had a great time with your significant other in the cabin in the mountains, or you went on a beautiful trip, or hike, and you want the time to turn it into memory, then you can put it on the ring, letting your loved ones to know the significance of the moment.

Signature Blue Tungsten Meteorite Inlay Rings

Rings Paradise New Arrivals include its Signature Blue Tungsten Meteorite Inlay rings made on blue tungsten. It's shiny brilliant look on rich bright blue color will turn heads. It is a great gift for fashion lovers with a classy taste in jewelry. If your loved one is Jewish it would be a great gift for celebration of Hanukkah which comes on December 25, 2016, because of the combination of blue and white colors.

Emerald Stone Green Tungsten Band

Rings Paradise Green Tungsten band with Emerald stone is a new arrival, and one of our hot sales of the season, because of its conservative touch, yet strong classy look, and emerald stone known the sacred stone of the goddess Venus or the Stone of Successful Love, a rare stone which production mainly originates in Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia. Green color in the inside of the band is color of life, nature, renewal, freshness, and harmony, it is also one of the main colors of Christmas and New Year.

Use a special coupon code: holidays2017 to purchase one of our hot sales and to obtain a great discount of 25% Off for your second ring.

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