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Rings Paradise got interviewed at Voyage LA Magazine

Rings Paradise

Voyage LA: Today we’d like to introduce you to Lucy Mur.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

Rings Paradise: Rings Paradise is a five stars rated reliable and trusted brand by many happy customers in the United States, and Worldwide. “Exactly as pictured, beautifully engraved, and shipped quickly. I am very satisfied and would gladly recommend Rings Paradise to anyone.”

Rings Paradise online jewelry business has been successfully established in Marina Del Rey, California. It delivers its distinctive collection of customized wedding bands from alternative metals, fine and fashion jewelry, luxury jewelry pendants to the United States and Worldwide. The customized wedding band collection became popular choice of wedding rings among customers from US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Germany.

“When dozens of companies said they couldn’t make our dream a reality we started to lose hope. Lucy at Rings Paradise came through though and it’s even better than we imagined! She accomplished what other people said couldn’t be done and we are SO HAPPY! Now his ring has a Mickey on it just like the engagement ring he had designed for me. We couldn’t have had our dream without you!”

The main idea and purpose of the shop is to create and to design high quality, handmade, authentic modern fashion jewelry made from alternative metals, and customized with the laser engraving.

Everyone have special moments, and stories in their life that can be the inspiration to create unique custom made jewelry that turns that special moment into a memory. What is special about the brand is high quality of jewelry pieces, clarity of stones, and great service provided to each customer. Rings Paradise values each customer, and making them to feel important and happy with the purchase is its main priority.

“This is beyond perfect. It was everything I could imagine the engraving was very well done as well!”

Understanding special needs of each customer, and designing a jewelry which will be above all expectations is the most important goal of the Rings Paradise Jewelry business.

Rings Paradise is very flexible, when it comes to creating a jewelry piece in a specific time framework, and helps choosing a jewelry that match and express unique personality of a customer.

Rings Paradise values all trust put in brand, and appreciate your help and involvement to make it better.

Voyage LA: Has it been a smooth road?

Rings Paradise: Rings Paradise is a very flexible business when it comes to meeting a special needs of each customer. Our members of the team work hard to make every person’s dream come true. Understanding that the preparation to wedding and engagement can be stressful, we do our best to help to choose a perfect ring for each individual, because it is highly important for us to give our customers the best product and service to meet their highest expectations.

Voyage LA: We’d love to hear more about your business.

Rings Paradise: Rings Paradise specializes in the creation of unique jewelry pieces, fashion rings made from alternative metals, such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt, ceramic and customizes it with the laser engraving. The highest technology used does not allow any slightest error, making the engraving look flawless. Engraved image does not wear off, or fade with time. We design one-of-a-kind rings and accept custom orders of any picture, logo, heart rates, and fingerprints to be engraved on the ring. We personalize each ring with any meaningful text, initials, love quotes, significant dates, or Latin phrases upon the request of each customer. Rings Paradise also carries a distinctive collection of Luxury Designer rings, The Celtic Design Rings, The Meteorite Inlay Tungsten Rings Collection, Antler Rings, and Rings made from Fine metals.

Voyage LA: Is our city a good place to do what you do? Rings Paradise: Although the Rings Paradise shop is currently set up as online business, the community in Marina Del Rey and Venice beach is known to be very creative. There are a lot of talented people, artists, and designers, and it is a great pleasure to be surrounded by such a great people and to start a business in this area. It is easy to get inspired to create and design jewelry pieces living in this community.

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