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Why you should never buy colored Tungsten rings: The Truth behind coloring and IP plating of rings.

Tungsten rings come in different colors. Tungsten originally comes in grey color and it is more prone to damage, than its plated or colored alternatives. Original tungsten carbide rings will retain its luster and polish forever. Depending on the color of tungsten rings, some are IP plated, and coated with an extra epoxy protection, some tungsten rings are colored.

What is IP plating? Ion Plating (IP) is a process where the surface of the ring required to be plated is bombarded by atomic sized energetic particles. It is known as one of the most advanced surface finishing processes in the trade. IP plating makes the ring more durable comparing to coloring.

How do you determine if your ring is IP plated or colored? It depends on the color of the ring. For example, tungsten rings that come in yellow gold, rose gold, blue, black, brown colors are IP plated. Thus, they last longer comparing to colored tungsten rings, such as red, purple, orange, etc.

Although IP plating has its expiration date, and can last up to two years, the lifespan of tungsten rings with IP plating can be prolonged, if they are maintained properly. It is recommended to avoid any exposure to water, chemicals, such as chlorine, antibacterial soaps, hairsprays.

Considering that tungsten is made from strong, durable metal, compared to its alternatives, the plating of the ring can get damaged easier, if it hit to a floor, or by a heavy object. It is recommended to remove the ring anytime when it can get damaged.

Thus, if you are considering to purchase tungsten ring, and would like it to last you long, it is better to choose the original color. Tungsten rings with black or gold IP platings look elegant, but they require slightly extra care and should be taken off when working with the hands to ensure the rings remain beautiful over time. Colored tungsten rings may lose the color or fade away with time and generally are more susceptible to scratches. Do you find this article helpful or do you have any experience purchasing and wearing tungsten rings? Please comment below and let us know about it.

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