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What Is The Comfort Fit Ring Size?

Fit Ring Size

Comfort Fit Alternative Metal Wedding Bands are the most popular choice of wedding bands for women, men, and couples alike. They are classy, stunning, and most importantly comfortable to wear. It is easy to put it on and to take off because of its convex curve.Comfort fit rings sit perfectly on finger.

Why choosing a correct ring size is so important?

When it comes to planning a wedding, engagement, or choosing anniversary gift there is always no enough time to go to jewelry stores and spend a significant amount of time searching for a perfect ring with the tight schedule that most of us have nowadays. Online jewelry shopping can become a great solution to it, that has so many options, and saves a lot of time. The only milestone is what if you choose a wrong size, or ring that you have ordered did not fit you well? It is recommended to get sized at local jewelry store before purchasing online. When you get sized you get a standard ring size, which is size, that should be considered shopping for fine rings. If you shop for fashion jewelry, alternative wedding bands made from tungsten, cobalt, and titanium, it is recommended to get sized for comfort fit, or if you do not know your comfort fit ring size, it is usually a half size smaller from your standard ring size.

Should you go half size smaller when choosing a Comfort Fit Ring?

Because rings are comfort fit it is recommended to go half size smaller than standard ring size. For instance if your standard ring size is 13, your comfort fit ring size will be 12.5. However, not all comfort fit rings run half size smaller. It depends a lot on the width of the ring. If ring is in 6 mm, and 8 mm width it is better to go with half size smaller from your standard ring size. If ring is in 10 mm, 12 mm width then it is recommended go with the standard ring size.

The difference between Comfort Fit v. Standard Fit Rings

The difference between standard and comfort fit rings are in different shapes inside of the ring. Inside surface of standard size’s are flat, unlike comfort fit rings that are convex. Due to its nature of being more thick from center to its outer edges, comfort fit rings give a luxurious feeling of comfort. Comparing to bands with the flat surface inside, that can be difficult to move over the knuckle.

Standard fit bands have a straight interior, and do not have the extra dome of metal provided by comfort fit wedding bands. Comfort fit wedding bands are crafted using extra metal to make the inside of the band slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit.

Lifetime Sizing Warranty

Alternative wedding bands have a merchant warranty that applies to defects and imperfections in designs. It does not cover a damage caused from normal wear, and tear, such as minor scratches. Tungsten Carbide rings are not resizable. This only flaw that tungsten ring have covers by a merchant's lifetime sizing warranty. It applies when ring size changes over time. However, it does not apply to rings that had a major alterations to its design, such as a stone setting, or personalization with the custom laser engraving.

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