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Buying Tungsten Wedding Bands Online: How To Get Correct Ring Size? 8 Questions To Ask Yourself Befo

With fast development of internet, nowadays, the most people prefer to shop online, because it is fun and time saving. It is so easy to order books, clothes, furniture, vintage items, plants, unique & customized items, or almost anything to be delivered right next to your door, but what about items for wedding preparation, or gifts for Lifetime Events, that are so significant? Is it safe to buy wedding bands or engagement rings online?

Sometimes, you can find unique items, or jewelry that you were looking for a long time to find it only in shop that sells only online, and it looks so gorgeous that you want to wear it right away, or to get it as a sweet surprise for a loved one. That will perfectly work with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, but when it comes to rings you should be extra careful, because it is important to order the exact size, or you will end up with a bigger or smaller ring, that does not fit you, and in some cases you will not be able to return it, because it was the responsibility of the customer to choose a correct size. Do you want to learn insider tips on how to make sure that you get your correct ring size? Continue reading.

Rings Paradise have been in jewelry business for years and we noticed that the most couples prefer purchasing their wedding bands or engagement rings online instead of going to a walk-in store. Of course, it is not as easy as ordering books, or plants, in fact it can become a very stressful experience, if you are unsure regarding the ring size, or if wedding band & engagement ring does not fit you or your fiance.

To make this process easy and fun, we decided to write helpful tips for you that were obtained for many years of experience and from learning the special needs of each customer. Now instead of wasting hours and hours on google and coping with the wedding stress by searching the answers about the sizing, you can find all the answers in one place. We specially disclosed the answers to all your questions in details to reduce your stress and help you to choose a correct ring size for your Tungsten Wedding Band!

So, get comfortable, get a good Cabernet Sauvignon, and enjoy safe shopping online!

What Should I Know About Tungsten Rings Sizing?

Tungsten rings are comfort fit. They normally run a half size larger from your standard ring size. However, not all tungsten rings run a half size larger from your standard ring size. It also depends on the width of the ring and how wide is your knuckle.

Should I Go A Half Size Smaller From My Standard Ring Size?

Because rings are comfort fit it is recommended to go half size smaller than standard ring size. For instance if your standard ring size is 13, your comfort fit ring size will be 12.5. However, not all comfort fit rings run half size smaller. It depends a lot on the width of the ring. If ring is in 6 mm, and 8 mm width it is better to go with half size smaller from your standard ring size. If ring is in 10 mm, 12 mm width then it is recommended go with the standard ring size.

Learn more regarding comfort fit ring sizing here.

Should I Get Sized At Jewelry Store For Comfort Fit Ring Size?

Since tungsten rings are not resizable, it is important to get your correct ring size. Rings Paradise recommends to get sized for comfort fit ring size in the particular width that you would like at two reputable local jewelry stores before purchasing the tungsten wedding band online.

Can I Request a Ring Sizer from The Shop?

If you unsure regarding your ring size, once you place an order you can request a ring sizer. Reputable online jewelry shops that provide a great customer service, and actually care that you get your correct meausurements, such as Rings Paradise will send you a ring sizer upon your request. You will get the correct meausurements before getting the actual band shipped to you.

What If I Got Sized But Still Got A Wrong Size?

Every jewelry shop handles this situation differently. What is important for you is to know that the shop that you choose will make accomodations and will be flexible with you after you made the purchase and received the jewelry. It will give you a peace of mind in case if something went wrong.

Is The Shop Offering Any Warranties?

Rings Paradise offers a merchant warranty that covers any imperfections in the design of the ring noticed upon the receival of the package. We also started offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty that allows the exchange of the size, in case if your finger size changes over time due to weight gain or weight loss. We will make an exchange for a reduced price with the Complimentary Engraving. The restocking fee of $45-$65 will apply depending on the value of your ring.

Can I Return & Exchange Personalized Ring?

Rings Paradise specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind custom made or personalized wedding bands. Personalized or custom made rings are not returnable, because they are unique and were specially created for the customer. However, we accept exchange of the size. Since your ring was personalized, it is hard and pricy (in some cases it is even impossible) to remove the engraving without the damage to the design of the ring. Thus, the restocking fee of $45-$65 applies.

Can I Return & Exchange A Ring If It Was Not Personalized?

In case if you ordered not personalized ring and you would like to exchange the size, please contact the shop within 3 days from the receival of the package, and ship the ring back within 7 days and we will process with the exchange of the size or make a refund.

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